Carry Up

Carry Up


The Carry-Up Stair crawler is a battery powered stair climbing robot. The Carry-Up is available in two lift capacities, 130 kg and 600 kg, both running on two non-marking tank style tracks. Both the Carry Up models have integrated dolly wheels for ease of traversing flat surfaces and require no balancing of the load when climbing steps.

The 600 kg model is equipped with a powered sliding load platform that can be raised and lowered through 600 mm. This allows the load to be centred above the tracks ensuring the balance is maintained, compensating for stair angle and the objects size.

The Carry Up 600 kg lift capacity model has the option of two styles of handle to better accommodate the loads being shifted. Both the bent handle and the straight handle options house the detachable remote pendant controls.

This machine will give approximately 60 minutes of stairclimbing on a single charge.

Model Carry Up 130 Carry Up 600B Carry Up 600S
Capacity 130 kg 600 kg 600 kg
Width 535 mm 690 mm 690 mm
Height 1520 mm 1950 mm 1950 mm
Ascent Speed 24 steps / min 11 steps / min 11 steps / min
Descent Speed 40 steps / min 13 steps / min 13 steps / min
Motor / Output 24V / 400W 24V / 400W 24V / 400W
Weight 50 kg 140 kg 140 kg

Features & Benefits

  • Equipped with a slide fork for maintaining weight balance easily
  • Straight handle (Carry Up 600S) or bent handle (Carry Up 130 & Carry Up 600B)
  • Sealed and maintenance free cordless battery
  • Battery pack can be easily changed in one touch operation
  • Spring loaded electromagnetic brake prevents vehicle from sliding down stairs even when motor has stopped


Carry heavy loads such as vending machines, safes etc continuously both on stairs and flat ground. Suitable for lifting bottled fluid and music gear up staircases.

  • Stone work benches
  • Heavy duty doors and window frames
  • Glass panels and signage
  • Photocopiers
  • Safes
  • Switchboards
  • Vending Machines
  • Heavy industrial / commercial equipment such as elevator motors and gearboxes
  • Medical equipment such as autoclaves
  • Wood fire heaters, stoves and pizza ovens
  • White goods and appliances
  • Commercial kitchens and laundry equipment


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