with sliding and tilting platform


Although there is a dedicated grand piano model, the pianoplan stairclimber is designed to move any bulky cargo up to 600 kg up and down stairs. There are three versions that all share the same incredible dexterity, providing users with complete versatility and flexibility for all types of loads.

Protected handles with joystick control allow the machine to be positioned to the millimetre. Independent powered tracks combined with a sliding and tilting platform ensure the load is kept above the tracks the entire time. Its party trick is the extendable roller arm underneath allowing the machine to be rotated within its own axis and manoeuvre tight landings. Every Pianoplan can climb stairs with a gradient of up to 45°.

Which model to choose depends on the type of load to be moved.

PIANOPLAN STANDARD with powered sliding platform is suitable for the transport of objects that can be hoisted onto the platform of the Pianoplan stairclimber. The object must also be capable of being tilted to the angle of the staircase, up to 45°. The hydraulically actioned, sliding top plate keeps the load level at all times.

PIANOPLAN HORIZONTAL with powered tilting platform is suitable for objects that can be loaded onto the Pianoplan stair robot platform. This Pianoplan has been designed to maintain a horizontal platform in relation to the angle of the stairs, up to 45°. For example, to transport a commercial photocopier that requires to be kept in a horizontal position to prevent fluid loss.

PIANOPLAN VERTICAL with powered tilting platform to vertical position is suitable when the object must be rotated from vertical, onto its side, effectively onto the Pianoplan platform. For example, when carrying a bulky refrigerator, the Pianoplan Vertical allows the refrigerator to be lifted and rotated into position on the stair climbing robot. Thanks to the stabilisers, all the work is carried out in complete safety. After climbing the steps or stairs, the refrigerator is returned to the original upright position.

The Pianoplan staircrawler ensures that manual handling of large and bulky items is eliminated, at the same time complying with OH & S regulations, reducing the risk of slips or trips and promoting productivity and efficiency.

Climbing up to 50 floors on a single charge, manoeuvring around landings as narrow as 850 mm, with speed variation and steering on stairs or across ground achieved by one finger on a joystick as well as an electromagnetic brake ensuring maximum safety…the Pianoplan stairclimber guarantees that backache and physical pain are nothing but a memory.

Safe, economic, speedy, powerful and easy to use, this ingenious stairclimbing robot reflects the finest and most advanced European technology.

Model Standard Horizontal Vertical
Load Capacity 600 kg 600 kg 600 kg
Length 1280 mm 1280 mm 1280 - 1680 mm
Width 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm
Platform length 1205 mm 1205 mm 1205 - 1605 mm
Platform width 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm
Forward max extension 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
Min - Max platform height 325 - 700 mm 370 - 745 mm 405 - 780 mm
Drive speed 12.5 (m / min) 12.5 (m / min) 12.5 (m / min)
Maximum pressure Bar 110 125 130
Autonomy 50 floors 50 floors 50 floors
Batteries 2 x 12V 65 Ah 65 Ah 65 Ah
Power w 2 x 700 2 x 700 2 x 700
Weight 300 kg 340 kg 345 kg

Features & Benefits

an electromagnetic brake works on the traction gear ensuring maximum safety so if the power fails the brake automatically locks the tracks.

only one or two operators required for a job usually needing four or five persons. Backache and physical strain nothing but a memory.

equipped with powerful motors with a sturdy steel loading platform. Can climb approximately 50 floors on a single charge.

you can vary the climbing speed, the platform angle, move the load relative to the tracks to get a better centre of balance all at the touch of buttons located on the adjustable handle.

thanks to its very clever lifting system the Piano plan can allow a very bulky load (like a piano) to be manoeuvred around very tight landings.

speed variation and steering on stairs or across ground is achieved by one finger on a joystick.


  • Pianoplan Standard (PPS600) – with powered sliding platform
  • Pianoplan Horizontal (PPH600) – with powered tilting platform
  • Pianoplan Vertical (PPV600) – with powered tilting platform to vertical position


The Pianoplan is often the solution when there is no other solution. Items weighing up to 600 kg often exceed the capacity of a lift, or maybe the item to be moved is the lift motor and gearbox!

The Pianoplan has been designed to take advantage of every millimetre available on tight stairs and landing. As it’s name suggests Piano installation and removal is a common residential application however the Pianoplan really wins in commercial applications like kitchen and laundry equipment, industrial white goods and electrical cabinets.

Pianoplan Horizontal allows the load to be kept level, ideal for sensitive freight that cannot be tipped on its side such as medical devices, industrial multi-functional printers and beverage vending machines. Pianoplan Vertical has the ability to self-load making it perfect for food and pharmaceutical machinery, industrial HVAC and money exchanges.

Other applications include:

  • Ski Lift Gondolas
  • Marine Pumps
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Safe and Vaults
  • Stone Bench tops
  • Glass Panels
  • Signage

Spare Parts

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