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Heavy Duty Stairclimbing Forklift


The Hercules Heavy Duty Stairclimbing Forklift Range can lift 540 kg off the back of a truck or van and can also carry this weight up and down stairs.

Hercules forklifts have side frames made from tough tempered aluminium. In addition they have steel lifting frames with 700 mm long forks, for raising loads up to 1370 mm, high enough to unload or load a semitrailer.

The Stairclimbing forklifts come with either a manual hand crank or electric winch, each machine delivered complete with a12V, 17A/h sealed gel battery, automatic battery charger and one 3.6 metre retractable load securing strap (RW-1). (Except the QLA-HC).

There are four different models in the forklift stairclimber range.

The MLA range has a non-detachable fork. The swivel castors are at the back of the machine to assist with the handling of large loads on tight landings.

The RLA range has a detachable fork. It offers the flexibility of use with or without the fork and can be turned into the standard handtruck stairclimber in seconds.
The RLA has swivel castors on the front.

Forklifts are available with either a battery-operated fork winch (EW – electric winch), or a hand operated fork winch (HC – hand crank).

  • MLA-HC Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with hand operated winch for raising and lowering the forks.
  • MLA-EW Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with battery operated winch for raising and lowering the forks.
  • RLA-HC Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with hand operated winch and removable lift attachment.
  • RLA-EW Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with battery operated winch and removable lift attachment.
  • QLA-EW Non-stairclimbing Forklift with battery operated fork winch
  • QLA-HC Non-stairclimbing Forklift with hand operated fork winch.

Each stairclimbing forklift can be further customised by adding your choice of optional accessories.

These powerful stairclimbers allow one man to do the work of four, transport very large and heavy items up and down restricted staircases, avoid back injury and enhance the company’s operation, efficiency and profitability.

Load Capacity 540 kg 540 kg 540 kg 540 kg 540 kg 540 kg
Winch Manual Electric Manual Electric Manual Electric
Depth 972 mm 972 mm 972 mm 972 mm 972 mm 972 mm
Width 622 mm 622 mm 610 mm 610 mm 622 mm 622 mm
Height 1727 mm 1727 mm 1727 mm 1727 mm 1727 mm 1727 mm
Max no of Straps 3 Straps 3 Straps 3 Straps 3 Straps 3 Straps 3 Straps
Net Weight 77 kg 84 kg 82 kg 90 kg 58 kg 72 kg
*the QLA Range does not climb stairs!

Features & Benefits

  • Detachable fork assembly (RLA Models only)
  • Ergonomic, plated handles, angled for easier load handling. Magnum Handle upgrades available
  • Single control, easy to operate “UP-DOWN” switch
  • Steel lift frame – 540 kg capacity – 1372 mm lift height – 718 mm forks
  • Ergonomic placement of multiple hand holds give you a place to hold where you need it.
  • Fastest, easiest to use, automatic rewinding safety strap available. Upper and lower straps optional.
  • Frame made of tough tempered aluminium alloy. Stronger than magnesium – lighter than steel!
  • Non-spill-able, sealed, rechargeable battery. Optional high-capacity battery available. Charger included.
  • Extraordinary gear box operated with maximum efficiency. Durable, serviceable, and built for years of service.
  • Non-marking lifting feet and 6 inch wheels with sealed ball bearings protect all step and floor surfaces for years of trouble-free use.
  • Swivel casters provide maximum manoeuvrability in tight quarters


The Staircat Forklift stair climber has a huge 540 kg lift capacity, making it a viable alternative for a standalone forklift. Two machines in one.

Despite the obvious advantage of the forklift to raise product on, or into the delivery vehicle, the adjustable height has a profound effect on the ‘balance point’ of the stairclimber. Heavy and compact equipment can be positioned higher, ensuring the operator is standing upright with good posture. This makes the Staircat Forklift perfect for HVAC, pumps, motors and gearboxes.

Adding the lift plate attachment to the fork tynes creates a stable strong platform for moving items such as safes, vaults, wood fire heaters and ATM’s

The copy ramp will allow any commercial photocopier to simply roll onto the lift plate, single handed, ready for the climb.

Finally the big wheels and 360 degree casters make manoeuvring the Staircat a breeze even over rough terrain, so getting that welding, cutting and sanding equipment on site has never been easier.

Other applications include :

  • Photocopiers
  • Removal companies both residential and commercial
  • Vending machines
  • Safes or vaults
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Office equipment such as files and water bottles
  • Heavy industrial / commercial equipment such gas cylinders
  • Trade equipment such as welders, floor sanders and tool boxes
  • Wood fire heaters, stoves and pizza ovens
  • White Goods
  • Commercial kitchens and laundry equipment


Spare Parts

Contact Us to order spare parts.

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